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Your OCRS:

What it is and how to monitor it

Even business owners who have held an operators’ licence for several years are unaware of just how important the OCRS is to their company. The Operator Compliance Risk Score is a system used by the DVSA to monitor an operator’s past and current levels of compliance.

The score is affected by the results of each roadside inspection, centre inspection, and annual test. The score consists of two broad parts, each of which covers various points against which the operator will be judged. These are Roadworthiness and Traffic.

Roadworthiness Assessment:

Under Roadworthiness come such areas as vehicle tests and vehicle encounters. Vehicle tests are a vehicle’s first test upon its registration and all subsequent tests. Vehicle encounters are roadside stoppages and visits by an enforcement agent to the operator’s premises.

Such inspections also impact the Traffic element of the score, however, the results pertain less to the vehicle itself than to the driver; for example, if there have been drivers’ hours or working time offences, or events in which a driver has driven without a card, the Traffic score will be negatively affected. This information will be obtained from the agent’s downloading of the driver card and vehicle unit.

Roadworthiness, of course, is to do with the condition of the vehicle. If defects are found, questions will arise as to the driver’s walkaround check and the operator’s defect reporting system; further, an agent will be interested to know which company carries out the maintenance for the vehicle, the scope and frequency of work and the nature of the agreement between both parties.

Traffic centres particularly on driver behaviour, which will reflect upon the operator’s ability to discipline infringing drivers and their system of monitoring and rectifying bad habits and misunderstanding of the rules.

For every defect or offence discovered, points are added to the operator’s OCRS; points are based not only on the number of deficiencies but on their severity also.

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The data contributing to an OCRS is calculated over a three-year rolling period. Encounters are considered to have one of two potential results:

  • defects/offences discovered;
  • or no defects/offences discovered (this is known as a ‘clear encounter’)

Either type will impact the score: negatively, if the former, and positively if the latter.

Offences and defects over three years old will cease to impact your score. Upon your score becoming affected, it will remain the same for 12 months (barring additional failures); after 12 months the score will be reduced by a quarter, and after 24 months it will be halved. The lower the score, the more compliant the operator.

There are three grades of the OCRS. These are;

  • Red: highest risk
  • Amber: medium risk
  • Green: low risk

Operators flagged as high risk will be subjected to greater scrutiny by the DVSA; to this end, they may face more frequent roadside or premises inspections. Having to put up with such a

high-level scrutiny can become a great drain on an operator’s resources, both in terms of time lost and manpower, and the operational problems that ensue can be significant.

Green operators, however, can apply to become members of the DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme. This involves the company sharing all operational data with the DVSA; in return, they will benefit from fewer stoppages and inspections.

Due to data protection restrictions, the only individuals in a company who are able to access the OCRS are:

  • The operator/owner of the vehicle, or
  • Named on the operating licence (i.e. the nominated Transport Manager, etc.). Any information relating to the OCRS will not be shared by an enforcement agent with a driver, unless they are the sole owner of the vehicle (i.e. a sole trader).

You will not have an OCRS if you are a new operator, or have had no correspondence with the DVSA within the last three years.

You may access your OCRS portal via your self-service operator licence account.

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