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Keeping up to date with industry regulations can involve a lot of legwork. At Chartwise UK, we understand that your day is full enough without you having to scour trade magazines and government websites for the latest updates to road transport best practices. That’s why we have created a series of webinars covering each area of fleet management; from Drivers Hours regulations and Earned Recognition to Defect Classifications and the OCRS.

Our webinars are designed to cut a clear path through the jungle of legal-speak that the industry can sometimes resemble; they provide an overview of all aspects of road transport, in English plain enough to digest with your coffee and biscuits.

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Lighten the load

In this webinar Chris Allen, our Operations Director will cover some of the current topics in the Industry and open the session up to a live Q&A. If you have any specific questions relating to operator licensing, Driver Hours or Earned Recognition join the session and Chris will give you an answer.

Learn more about the industry with every new webinar...

Previous topics covered are:

EU Drivers’ Hours

Staying compliant with the changing nature of Drivers' Hours

As creators of the industry-famous Drivers’ Hours Guide, we are expertly positioned to answer your questions and clarify the complicated legal-speak widespread in Drivers’ Hours regulations. As this subject comprises the majority of our most commonly-asked questions, we take time to explain not only what the rules are, but how and why they are relevant to you.

FORS Accreditiation

How the future will change as FORS grows...

As associates of FORS, we give you an insider’s perspective into what FORS looks for during audits, and how the industry might develop as FORS’ growth accelerates nationwide. We go into detail as to what FORS membership entails, and how and why becoming accredited will have an impact on your operation. 

New Driver Induction

Covering the aspects forgotten or ignored by companies during new driver inductions...

Many companies fail to include all of the elements necessary when giving new driver inductions; many more fail to carry out inductions at all! When it comes to employee inductions, some companies are unsure as to how they leave themselves vulnerable on legal and insurance fronts. Here we cover all of the features essential to comprehensive, legal new driver inductions. 

Understanding your OCRS

Want to know how to find your OCRS?

The OCRS is a source of confusion among operators; some know what it is, but don’t how they can find it, some don’t know if it applies to them, and others don’t know it exists! In this webinar we cover all the bases; letting you know exactly if you have a score, and how you can find it. We also provide an explanation of the points system used in compiling your score. 

ADR Regulations

Examining and simplifying complex ADR regulations...

We answer your most frequently-asked questions regarding ADR regulations, covering such misunderstood areas as minimum quantities, dangerous goods classes, and so on. By covering the sections that most commonly baffle new and experienced drivers alike, we endeavour to make the snake-pit that ADR can sometimes resemble easier to pass through, and reconstruct the terminology in plain English. 

Defect Classification

Providing a detailed overview of how to recognize and report defects...

Many drivers are unsure as to how long their daily walk-around checks ought to last. Many drivers, also, are shaky how and when to report defects; some report too many defects, others don’t report enough. We go over what exactly a (safety-critical) defect is, and how precisely you should carry out your walk-around checks.