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Vosa report shows most common prosecutions

Common VOSA Prosecutions for HGV and PSV operators

The VOSA effectiveness report for 2011/12 which was compiled in March 2013 showed Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph records as the most commonly prosecuted offences in that period for HGV and PSV operators with the only difference being the order in which they placed.

The top 5 HGV Offences

1) Drivers’ Hours – 2,346 convictions and £304,252.74 of fines

2)Tachograph Records – 1,619 convictions and £297,054.12 of fines

3) Invalid Driver Licence – 278 convictions and £51,001.88 of fines

4) No ‘O’ Licence – 263 convictions and £160,487.86 of fines

5) Plating & Testing – 190 convictions and £73,058.80 of fines


The Top 5 PSV Offences

1) Tachograph Records – 458 convictions and £163,863.24 of fines

2) Driver’s Hours – 409 convictions and £69,264.15 of fines

3) Invalid Driver Licence – 67 convictions and £9,142.82 of fines

4) No ‘O’ Licence – 34 convictions and £16,855.16 of fines

5) COIF (Certificate of Initial Fitness) – 22 convictions and £11,295.02 of fitness
The report was covering the main things that VOSA have successfully prosecuted for in the last year. In general prosecutions were down however still at the top as the main reason for prosecution were the Drivers’ Hours offences. What is also worth noting here is that the majority of  prosecutions for these offences result in convictions which in turn result in fines and in every case further investigation.

Most of the offences are blamed on lack of knowledge and awareness however as you can imagine this doesn’t cut it with the VOSA inspectors.
The report was covering the main things that VOSA have successfully prosecuted for in the last year. As you can see prosecutions were up on the previous year and  I expect they will be up again in the next report as VOSA will hold nothing back now that most drivers should have completed their driver cpc training.

What is also worth noting here is that the majority of prosecutions for these offences result in convictions which in turn result in fines and in every case further investigation. If you are interested in the full report I have attached it below. (The main sections that I have referred to here have been Table 31 & 32)

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2011-2012 VOSA Effectiveness Report

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