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Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking Systems

There are a wide range of GPS tracking systems available today from a simple system which sends gps co-ordinates via sms message to a receiver which them plots that position on Google maps or another free mapping software to highly complex tracking systems which continually receive the gps co-ordinates and other data from the device and then display it within a reporting program either on your computer or online.

Vehicle tracking systems can monitor most systems within the vehicle from fuel and temperature to doors opening and even light bulbs.

Our aim is to help all of our clients to identify the right system for their needs, understand how to use it to maximum effect and of course get the best possible deal with the tracking provider.


Range of Vehicle Tracking Systems

The current range of vehicle tracking systems in Europe is in excess of  1500 suppliers all using one or two of the 200+ devices available. Each vehicle tracking provider comes with their own unique strengths and weaknesses and our focus is help you make the right choice for your operations. Some of the most popular mainstream tracking provides to coach and lorry operators are

Trailer Tracking Systems

Many of our clients have trailers all over the country at any one time and often these and being shifted by owner drivers or even their clients. Keeping track of these trailers is often an difficult task. Trailer tracking systems can help you do this with ease and as with the vehicle tracking systems they can be as simple or as complex as you require. The main difference is that a trailer tracking system is self powered as the trailer can sit without power for months on end.

Mobile Phone Tracking Solutions

For some organisations tracking the vehicle is not the best option and often the functionality required can be achieved by simply tracking a company mobile phone. As there is no purchase or lease cost involved for a specific gps tracking device it is often a far more cost effective solution and can also allow the company to monitor misuse of the mobile phone too. Find out more about mobile phone tracking.

For a detailed overview of the gps tracking systems which will suit your requirements contact the tracking department on (0191) 244 9797 or visit our gps tracking website.