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Transport Manager Refresher
Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Transport Manager Refresher FAQ page! Keeping your skills sharp and staying updated on industry regulations are vital for effective transport management. Explore our frequently asked questions to find the information you need about Transport Manager Refresher courses. Whether you’re seeking to renew your knowledge or have specific queries, we’re here to guide you. Feel free to reach out if you require additional assistance. Let’s ensure you stay well-versed and ready for the dynamic challenges of transport management!

What is a transport manager refresher course?

A transport manager refresher course is a 2 day course which can be delivered in person or online. The course is designed to ensure transport managers are updated on all relevant legislation updates and industry best practices required to remain compliant with the undertakings of an operator licence.

When the course is delivered by an accredited training centre it is viewed as the standard requirement for transport managers continuous professional development by the DVSA and office of the traffic commissioner.

Do transport managers need a refresher course?

Although the transport managers CPC qualification does not have an expiry date, the office of the traffic commissioners have made it clear that they expect active transport managers to complete a 2 day refresher course at least every 2 years.

Does transport manager CPC expire?

No the transport manager CPC level 3 qualification does not expire. However there are circumstances where the right to use the qualification can be removed due to misconduct.

What is covered in a transport manager refresher course?

The Transport manager refresher course covers a wide subject area much like the transport manager CPC qualification itself.

Some of the topics covered in this 2 day course include:

  • Drivers Hours and Working Time Rules and planning
    Operator Licensing (Applications, Notifiable Changes, Legal Responsibilities and Vehicle
  • Operator Licence Online system)
  • Vehicle Maintenance and defect reporting and responsibilities
  • Load security and health & safety
  • Traffic regulations, speeding and safe driving practices
  • Driver Licensing and employment laws
  • Traffic Accident investigation
  • … and more

How often should a transport manager do a refresher course?

The DVSA and the office of the traffic commissioner have indicated that transport managers are expected to keep up to date with the latest legislation through a variety of sources, including industy news, associations and completing a TM CPC Refresher every 2 years.

What is the difference between a transport manger refresher and operator licence awareness?

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) is aimed more at the owners or directors of a business with an operating licence. The OLAT is a one day course designed to give an overview of the legal obligations of a vehicle operator whereas the transport manager refresher is a 2 day course which goes into greater depth and focuses on the activities required to manage compiance from an operational position within the business.

Can I do a transport manager refresher course online?

Yes it is possible to attend a Transport Manager Refresher course online. The couse will be delivered by an instructor via a platform such as Zoom or Teams and will cover all the same material as the classroom based course.

How much is a transport manager refresher course?

A 2 day transport manager refresher course costs £300 +VAT (£360) and can be booked online.

How do I book a transport manager refresher course?

You can book a transport manager course either via our website or by calling the main office on (0191) 491 5032

Are there exams in a transport manager refresher course?

No there are no exams in the transport manager refresher course however there will be some short assessments to help cement the leraning and give our instuctors and indication of understanding.

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