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Transport Manager CPC
Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Transport Manager CPC FAQ page! Navigating the complexities of transport management is a crucial aspect of your role, and we’re here to provide clarity. Delve into our frequently asked questions to gain insights into the Transport Manager CPC and enhance your understanding of the responsibilities and requirements. If you have more questions or need personalized assistance, feel free to reach out. Let’s unravel the intricacies of Transport Manager CPC together!

How hard is it to pass Transport Manager CPC?

The transport manager CPC is a level 3 qualification which is equivilent to an A Level or AS Level. When you consider this course is delivered of the course of 1-2 weeks rather than 1-2 years it is certainly no easy task to achieve a passing grade. That said however with the right training, support and effort we are confident you can pass the exams to gain your CPC.

There are two exams which form the qualification, the first is a multiple choice test and the second is an open book case study with longer form answers required.

Does a Transport Manager need a CPC?

To act as a named transport manager on a standard national or international operator licence you will need to have a valid transport manager CPC qualification as well as undertaking regular continuous professional development.

What is the pass rate for Transport Manager?

At the time of writing the national average pass rate is 67% however as a centre our average pass rate is 86.5%. The reason we are able to provide a higher pass rate than the average centre is down to a blended learning strategy. We provide access to e-learning and study files prior to the intensive classroom course and finally exam technique sessions prior to the exam which give our candidates the best opportunity to pass.

How much does Transport Manager CPC cost?

The transport manager study materials, course and exams will cost somewhere in the region of £1200 however this does depend upon where in the country you are attending as we have seen costs from some training centres in excess of £2000.

Is a transport manager a legal requirement?

Yes a transport manager is a legal requirement for any operator with a standard national (blue disc) or standard intenational (green disc) operator licence.

Can I do transport manager CPC online?

Yes we do offer a training package for Transport Manager CPC through e-Learning however you will still need to sit your exams at a centre. In addition as the second exam is an open book case study exam you will also need a physical set of notes.

How do I know if I need a Transport Manager CPC holder?

It will be one of the conditions of your operator licence if you have a standard national (Blue Disc) or standard international (green disc) operators licence. Only a restricted (orange disc) operators licence can run without a qualified CPC holder.

When are the Transport Manager CPC exams?

The transport manager exams run 6 times per year on set days determined by the Chartered Institute of Logisics and Transport (CILT). The Dates are in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Is my transport manager CPC still valid?

Yes your transport manager CPC qualification is a lifetime qualification so it will be valid, however you are expected to keep up with the latest developments and attend a refresher couse on a regular basis.

The only reason your CPC qualification would no longer be valid is if you have previously been in trouble with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner and they have struck off your compentence.

How long is the transport manager CPC course?

There are multiple ways to study for the Transport Manager CPC exams so the lenth of the course can vary. Our prefered method is a blended learning approach as this has given our candidates the right balance of study and work time.

The intensive course is delivered over 5 consecutive days (Monday – Friday) and this is then followed with an exam preparation day (Monday) and the examination day (Tuesday).

Do I have to attend a course to sit the transport manager exams?

What level of qualification is a Transport Manager CPC?

The transport manager CPC qualification is a Level 3 qualification in England which is the equivilent of an A-Level.

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