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Fleet Management Essentials

A comprehensive one-day training course that equips participants with a holistic understanding of the essential principles and best practices involved in effectively managing a fleet of commercial vehicles.

FORS Fleet Management Essentials

The FORS Fleet Management Essentials (FME) is a one-day training course providing an overview of the fundamental principles and practices of managing a fleet of commercial vehicles.

This training session, delivered over the course of approximately seven hours, meets the M3 criteria of FORS Bronze membership. Bronze is the introductory level of FORS accreditation, and over time a fleet can ascend to Silver and to Gold level membership.

FME covers the core concepts of compliant fleet management: drivers’ hours, maintenance systems, operator licence management, driver licencing, and incident reporting.

Approved Training is but one requirement of FORS accreditation; besides helping you to meet the M3 criteria, Chartwise can assist in all areas of optimising your fleet to FORS standards.

Who needs FME?

Attending a Fleet Management Essentials course is a requirement for all FORS-accredited operators.

To acquire FORS Bronze membership, operators must fulfil the ‘M3’ criteria, which covers Approved Training requirement.

The course will cover the fundamentals of effective fleet management, focussing on core areas such as Drivers’ Hours, Vehicle Maintenance, Driver Licences, Incident Reporting, and O-Licence Management.

Because road haulage legislation evolves constantly, it is crucial for anyone managing a fleet of commercial vehicles to keep abreast of latest developments. By demonstrating a proactive attitude, you help to ensure your operation is running optimally.

Undertaking FME with Chartwise

Chartwise UK is one of the few FORS associates delivering Fleet Management Essentials courses nationwide; with courses running in Birmingham, London, Warrington and Falkirk, as well as from our Head Office at Tyneside, our team assists fleet managers across the UK in meeting their FORS requirements.

The trainers and consultants at Chartwise boast decades of industry experience between them; with strong ties to sector authorities such as the FTA, RHA and, of course, FORS, we are uniquely placed to help operators and managers achieve optimal compliance on a continual basis.

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