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Forklift operator training

We get it, work based training is far from luxurious but it is a necessity. There’s no doubt about it. We also understand the demand there is for quality work based training.

Here at Chartwise we pride ourselves on delivering high quality on and off site training for both private courses and larger organisations, all the while maintaining our professional, flexible delivery at times which suite you.

Catering for all skill levels – from Beginner to Experienced – our dedicated Fork Lift Truck (FLT) training team is led by a BRITTOp accredited FLT Trainer with over 20 years industry experience.

Specialising in Counterbalance and Reach forklifts, we offer all of our candidates the opportunity to enrol on our ‘Guaranteed Pass’ scheme. We are confident in our instructors ability that we guarantee that you will pass on your first test and if you don’t, we’ll pay for your next one.

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Forklift Beginner Training

Designed with someone new to forklifts in mind, our Beginner courses equip you with everything you need to operate a forklift truck. Over the course of 5 days, we teach a mix of theory and practical based skills so that you feel prepared and confident the first time you fire up the truck.
forklift refresher training

Forklift refresher training

Our bespoke refresher course is aimed at those who are already qualified. It is recommended that qualified forklift truck drivers undergo regular refresher training between every 3-5 years.
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Experienced Forklift operator

Devised for those who have already had their initial training but have had significant time away from the industry, or for those who have been using the equipment regularly with no official training.

7 Tips to gain your Forklift Licence

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Common forklift incidents

3 Common incidents and how to avoid them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Book your forklift operator training

How long does each course take?

Depending on which course you choose, each have their own minimum hourly requirements. The number of days that the hours are split across can be spread out to suit your availability. We limit the number of hours per day to 8 hours.

Beginner courses will take a minimum of 24 hours training.

Experienced courses will take a minimum of 16 hours training.

Refresher courses will take a minimum of 8 hours training.

Conversion courses will take a minimum of 4 hours training.

How many people can sit a course at one time?

At one time, up to 3 people can sit a course at one time. This is to allow the instructor enough time to give each candidate 1-to-1 training during their course.

What do I need to book my place?

When booking your place on one of our forklift operator training courses, you will need your national insurance number, date of birth and your full name. If you are booking the course on behalf of someone else, please make sure to have this information to hand before booking.

How often do I need to refresh my license?

Each company will have it’s own policy on how often an operator will need to refresh their license but we recommend you attend a refresher course every 3-5 years.

Do I need any additional documentation?

If you are booking an Experienced course with us, you will need to provide some documentation to evidence your experience on a forklift. If you are unable to provide this evidence, you will need to sit a Beginner course.

If you are booking a Refresher or Conversion course, you will need to provide us with a copy of your current license or previous license if your current one has expired.

Do I need to wear something specific?

The only mandatory piece of equipment you will need to wear in safety boots. We do recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that would be suitable to working in a warehouse environment.

What does my workplace need to run in-house training?

If you would like to run one of our courses on your site, you will need:

– A working forklift that can be used solely for the training.
– A closed off space large enough to manoeuvre a forklift without interruption
– A classroom space
– You will need to provide any job specific equipment such as racking, pallets, etc.

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