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The Driver CPC Initial Qualification

What is the driver CPC initial qualification?

If you don’t have acquired rights then you will need to get the Driver CPC Initial qualification when you sit your vocational qualification. If you are not sure if you have acquired rights check the Driver CPC Training page for details.

So for those of you that don’t have acquired rights, you will need to complete all 4 parts of the Driver CPC Initial qualification:

  1. The Theory Test – This consists of 2 separate tests, the multiple choice and the hazard perception.
  2. The Driver CPC case studies test – This consists of 7 studies based on real life situations
  3. The Driving Ability Test – This is your practical driving test
  4. The Driver CPC Practical Test – During this 30 minute test you will have to demonstrate that you can keep your vehicle safe and secure.

You must pass the theory test (part 1) before you can take the practical test (part 3) and you must pass The Driver CPC case studies (part 2) before you can take The Driver CPC Practical test (part 4).

You need to pass all 4 parts to get your Driver CPC


Booking your Initial CPC Tests

You can book parts 1 and 2 on the government website by clicking this link

You can book parts 3 and 4 on the government website by clicking this link



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