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vosa inspection
applying for an operator licence
DVSA propose to make non-compliant operators a thing of the past with aspirations of 100% compliance Updated – 04/04/17 – See final paragraph In May 2015 Caroline Hicks, the head of enforcement at the DVSA, spoke to delegates at the Microlise transport conference and said that she wanted to “completely transform” the way the DVSA...
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DVSA roadside inspections can cost you big time I was talking to one of our newer clients this week and he was complaining about DVSA (no surprise there). His business is general haulage and some of his contracts are very strict on delivery times. One of his drivers was heading to a drop at a very...
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How to challenge a roadside fine One of the things that really gets a good debate going during our driver cpc training is the topic of roadside fines. Most drivers have a story to tell about spot checks and either being fined or having a lucky escape. I just wanted to let you know that it is...
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