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vehicle defect checks
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How technology is transforming driver defect checks

How technology is transforming driver defect checks | Chartwise UK Ltd Once upon a time, a driver noted down every fault he found in a defect report book; if there was anything to record during his daily walkaround check, he would do so, hand the piece of paper to the transport manager, and keep a...
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£5000 fine for not doing defect checks

This is a problem that crops up every now and then for the drivers that I look after and although many think it is not that serious there have been cases where drivers have been fined up to £5000. I don’t know about you but having to fork out £5000 is pretty serious to me. It has...
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Daily Walk Around Checks

There are 18 different areas that need to be checked as a minimum to comply with the VOSA guidelines on maintaining roadworthiness and you need to show that you have taken sufficient time to check all of them. Brake Lines Electrical Connections Mirrors and Glass Horn Steering Brakes Exhaust Windscreen Wipers & Washers Lights & Indicators Fluid Leaks...
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