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operator compliance

Driver Qualification Card (DQC): Do I need it?

Driver Qualification Card (DQC): Do I need it? The DQC, also referred to as the CPC card, is issued to a driver upon completion of CPC training. For new drivers, this means passing Modules 2 and 4; drivers undergoing periodic CPC training will receive theirs upon their accrual of 35 hours of accredited classroom training....
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Understanding the Working Time Directive: Recording Non-Working Days

Understanding the Working Time Directive: Recording Non-Working Days For many transport and fleet managers, one of the common challenges they face is disputes with drivers regarding the calculation of holidays, sick days, and Bank Holidays as part of working time. Understanding how to account for these non-working days is essential for compliance with the Working...
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‘Trigger Offences’: What are they?

‘Trigger Offences’: What are they? Although there are numerous offences of various gradation that a driver and, by extension, a Transport Manager must make every effort to avoid, there are some, known as the ‘Big 5’, which if committed will essentially provide a ’trigger’ for enforcement agents to take punitive action. Driving without appropriate documentation...
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Your OCRS: What it is and how to monitor it

Your OCRS: What it is and how to monitor it Even business owners who have held an operators’ licence for several years are unaware of just how important the OCRS is to their company. The Operator Compliance Risk Score is a system used by the DVSA to monitor an operator’s past and current levels of...
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Smart Tachographs: What Transport Managers Need to Know

Smart Tachographs: What Transport Managers Need to Know Version 1.0 The smart, or Generation 2, tachograph, is an innovation introduced in 2019 to enable more accurate, regular, and smoother data capture and transmission. As of 15th June 2019, all newly registered heavy goods vehicles are required to be fitted with a smart tachograph (version 1)....
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Public Inquiry: The Definitive Survival Guide

HOW TO PREPARE It’s perfectly normal to be a bit nervous in the runup to your hearing. But there are things you can do to help you keep a cool head. As a helping hand, here’s a shortlist of things you can do before the day to ensure things go smoothly…· Ensure that you have...
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applying for an operator licence

DVSA want access to your records

DVSA propose to make non-compliant operators a thing of the past with aspirations of 100% compliance Updated – 04/04/17 – See final paragraph In May 2015 Caroline Hicks, the head of enforcement at the DVSA, spoke to delegates at the Microlise transport conference and said that she wanted to “completely transform” the way the DVSA...
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The basics of operator compliance

Your operator licence is your business Whether you are running on a restricted, national or international operator licence you know that keeping that licence is key to running your business. When you apply for your operator licence you are agreeing to maintain certain standards and the DVSA and office of the traffic commissioner will hold...
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Do you know how to keep your OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score) in the green

First of all – Do you know your current OCRS? If you don’t then the first thing you need to do is register online by visiting the DVSA Online Report Services . You will need your O licence number to complete the registration form and then the DVSA will send a confirmation letter in the post...
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