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Tachograph Analysis

Do you really need tachograph analysis?

In a DVSA effectiveness report, Drivers’ Hours infringements show at the top of the list for convictions in 2012-2013. As a vehicle operator article 10 of regulation 561/2006 (Drivers’ Hours) require that transport undertakings properly instruct drivers on the regulation and that they regularly check to ensure that  parts of this regulation and Regulation (EEC) No 3821/85 are complied with.

As with many things in the transport industry this is left open to interpretation, however the bottom line is if you have drivers and you are not checking their compliance of the drivers’ hours and working time regulations, and then acting upon your findings to reduce infringements then you will leave yourself wide open for prosecution. Note: This also applies to owner drivers.

For in depth analysis on a tachograph chart or digital record please take a look at our forensic analysis service.


Which Tachograph analysis solution will suit you?

There are a number of tachograph analysis solutions on the market starting with automated programs for fully digital fleets and working up to fully human tachograph analysis for fleets containing both analogue and digital vehicles. While the automated programs have the benefits of almost instant reports the human analysis can’t be beaten when it comes to accurate records and adding in manual entries and other working time related records to ensure an accurate report. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions to suit all analysis and compliance requirements.

The key thing to remember is whatever you choose to do you must act upon the findings of your reports and record those actions. Tachograph analysis is one element, however there is a great deal more to making sure you are compliant and that’s where Chartwise stand above other tachograph analysis bureau’s.


Why choose Chartwise for your tachograph analysis and compliance services

Chartwise started in 1985 as a tachograph analysis bureau and training organisation and to this day the analysis of tachograph data, both analogue charts and digital records is still the core of our business. Chartwise are one of the oldest tachograph analysis bureau’s in Europe and in fact we have been analysing tachograph data before tachographs were even made mandatory in the UK on the 29th of September 1986. Unlike many other tachograph analysis bureau’s we don’t just stop at data analysis and an infringement report, Chartwise offer complete compliance including regular audits, refresher training, telephone and email support starting from only 50p per driver, per day.

To find out more about the Chartwise tachograph analysis and compliance solutions call us on (0191) 491 5032 or complete the form below to request a call back.

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