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Fleet Audits

FORS Pre Audit

Guiding you through the process of preparing for your FORS audit.

Operator Licence Audit

Ensuring your systems comply fully with your Operator license.

DVSA Audit

Administering certified audits at the request of the TC’s office or DVSA.

3rd Party Audit

Auditing your suppliers’ transport systems to ensure full compliance.

FORS Pre-Audit

In examining your operation, our Auditing Team will conduct a full GAP analysis against the relevant FORS criteria and report back to you with a full and frank action plan. Following this, you can then use our FORS Assist service to ensure continuous compliance with the standard.

FORS approval and accreditation is rapidly gaining in popularity throughout the UK; as the number of businesses acquiring membership rises, competition to be among the very best in road haulage rises with it. Many of Britain’s larger organisations are not only FORS members, but will only deal with other businesses who are similarly connected. With this in mind, it is clear that a fleet’s potential for growth will become increasingly dependent how they are viewed by FORS.

As FORS-approved pre-auditors, we can evaluate your existing setup with an insider’s understanding of exactly what a FORS auditor will look for. 

Our prices for this service are dependant on the size of the fleet and the number of locations.

Operator Licence Audit

As experienced Operator license holders and systems auditors, Chartwise UK have a track record of scrutinizing transport operations large and small, and recommending suitable courses of action. We offer both full and part transport systems audits; ensuring your structure is in peak condition, and bringing it in line with the undertakings of your O Licence.

By reviewing your setup, we are able to pinpoint the areas in need of further optimization, and coach you in demonstrating a proactive approach to the requirements of your license. The knowledge and tools you gain through this process allow you fortify your operation against the probability of a governmental audit.

Some of the aspects covered in an Operator License Audit include: Drivers’ Hours, Working Time, Driver Licencing and Vehicle Maintenance . The prices for this service are dependant on the size of the fleet and the number of locations.

DVSA Audit

Do you have a DVSA inspection or Public Inquiry coming up? Chartwise UK are able to execute audits in line with the DVSA standard. If you have been instructed to have an audit carried out, our team can look at your existing structure and measure it against the guidelines set by the DVSA.

If you are unsure as to whether your organisation is ready for an audit of this kind, then our Transport System Assist might be just what you are looking for.

Our DVSA Audit prices are entirely dependant on the fleet size and the number of locations.

3rd Party Audit

Do you have a key haulage supplier that is critical to your operation? Their continued compliance with the undertakings of their Operating Licence is vital to the health of your business – so how do you mitigate that risk?

Our auditing team understand the value of each party’s compliance in a trade arrangement. If your supplier fails to comply with regulations, their management becomes less efficient, and they may invite scrutiny from the authorities, which can result in audits and subsequent changes to policies and/or personnel. This scenario, for you, may mean work delayed, deadlines missed and revenue lost.

How to you safeguard your operation against this? Chartwise UK are experienced 3rd Party Auditors; we can analyze the supplier’s systems, discover their risk score and ensure your business is buffered.

Prices are dependant on the size of the fleet and the number of locations.

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