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the earned recognition pilot update is good news for hauliers involved in the scheme

Road haulage industry leaders are registering a win as a brand new 100-vehicle secure truck stop opens in Scunthorpe.


On Woodhouse Road, opposite the British Steel Works, the Scunthorpe Truck Stop offers secure 24-hour parking facilities for HGVs.


Previously, lorry drivers in the Scunthorpe area had to make do with laybys or industrial estates. In regard to tackling the issue of drivers’ working conditions, the new site has been hailed as a step in the right direction.


What Else Does the Secure Truck Stop Offer?


Currently, the site boasts shower and toilet facilities, as well as a communal lounge.  There are, however, plans to add more features. They include:

A thing of the past: staying overnight in the Scunthorpe area? Your luck’s about to change for the better
  • A lorry-wash facility,
  • Fuel pumps, and
  • A cafe.


As for security, the new secure truck stop is fenced on all sides, with  HD CCTV cameras covering all areas.

Barriers endowed with Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) monitor all wagons entering and exiting the premises.


Addressing the site’s benefits, Scunthorpe Truck Stop‘s David Elise yesterday spoke to the Scunthorpe Telegraph. He said:


“Truckers are currently having to park in lay-bys or on industrial estates with no facilities. This is not ideal for many business owners and can leave drivers and their cargo vulnerable to crime.

“Coming very soon is a truck wash which will boast three lanes of washing facilities.

“A 16-metre-long gantry system for high level cleaning, and a 15 metre long pit with hot wash will tackle the under carriage, perfect for MOT cleaning. Plans for Truck MOTs and servicing are also in the pipeline.”


Regarding the charge, there are two ways drivers can pay. They are:


  • Online by card in advance, or
  • In cash at the site.


For more information, we invite all who are interested to peruse the truck stop’s official website.


To summarize, we predict the benefits for drivers in and around Scunthorpe to be huge. The ability to take rest in safe, clean and well-appointed facilities is paramount to ensuring road freight professionals are the best they can be.

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