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Reminder – HGV Speed limits increase on the 6th of April

New Speed Limits for single and dual carriageways in England and Wales


From the 6th of April 2015 the speed limits for HGV’s over 7.5 tonnes on both single and dual carriageways in England and Wales will be increased to the following:


Single carriageways – Increased from 40mph to 50mph

Dual carriageways – Increased from 50mph to 60mph


However there has been no change to the European speed limiter requirements and therefore although it would be legal for an HGV to drive at 60mph on a dual carriageway the limiter restricts the vehicle to 56mph or lower and this must remain unchanged.


Limits remain the same in Scotland

It is also worth pointing out that although the trials that led to the decision to increase the speed limits were actually carried out on the A9 in Scotland, the limits have not changed in Scotland and therefore drivers must be aware that the old limits still apply whilst using Scottish roads.

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