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Digidown Plus Tachograph Downloader

£240.00 inc VAT (if applicable)

Digital tachograph and card downloader

Download your digital tachograph head and driver card at the same time with the Digidown Plus. Easy, convenient and fast.

Downloads the vehicle unit and driver card. Compatible with most tachograph types, including Gen 2 smart tachographs.

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To use the device, insert the company card in Slot 2, and the driver card in Slot 1; files download to the SD card within the DigiDown; this SD card is then to be removed from the device and inserted in the PC. In order for the files to be uploaded to an appropriate system, one of several particular brands of software must be installed on the PC.
For downloading the vehicle, there are two options: ‘All VU’, which will take the entirety of available tachograph data; this option is only to be selected when there is a need to gather speed data or it has been requested by a DVSA agent/traffic examiner/police officer.
The second option is ‘Latest VU’; this downloads all tachograph data accrued since the last download. This is the usual method for regular downloads.
The tachograph generally stores around 90 days’ worth of data; however, the case varies from model to model. Once the tachograph is at maximum capacity, it will overwrite the oldest data. Thus, it is crucial to download the tachograph every 90 days as a minimum. The best practice is to download it every month, or even every week. The fewer data there is on the tachograph, the shorter the time to download it.
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