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New increased speed limits for HGV’s in UK

Increased HGV speed limits welcomed by the industry

The current speed limits for HGV’s over 7.5 tonnes is laid out in section 6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. However these limits were introduced back in the 1960’s and have never been changed since. Just think how much safer new technologies have made lorries in the last 10 years never mind the last 50 years. The developments in braking systems alone have made a huge difference and many other European countries have changed their regulations as technology has increased safety. This was not the same in the UK until now.


So what is changing

Following a public consultation the government has decided to increase the limit for HGV’s on single carriageway roads from 40mph to 50mph.

(The change is due to take place by April this year (2015) so make sure you sign up for the updates on the right to get an email as soon as the change comes into force. Or just LIKE us on Facebook because I’m sure we will shout about it on there) 

The amended limit will cover single carriageway roads outside built up areas in England & Wales unless a lower speed limit is already in effect on specific roads.


Another increase may also be on the cards

There was also another public consultation into proposals to increase the speed limit for HGV’s on dual carriageways from 50mph to 60mph. The responses are still currently being analysed so this has not been confirmed as yet, however there have been rumours that if it does get approved then it would be implemented around the same time (April 2015).


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