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Get exact speed reports from a digital tachograph

This comes up time and time again so I thought I would let you know about it just in case you ever need to prove your speed to the exact second.

As a tachograph analysis bureau we are always getting people asking for forensic analysis for some reason or another. The most common reasons are either a traffic accident, speeding fine or because someone has made false claim of damage against the driver.

On the traditional paper charts you can see the speed trace and get a fairly accurate reading. Especially if you use a trained analyst and an infrared scanner to get the most accurate reading possible. However the digital tachographs are not so easy to get the accurate speed data and you need to make sure you act fast to get it.

The digital tachograph vehicle unit does store the exact speed data for every second of driving but only for 24 hours of driving.

Tacho Download Tool


To get this detailed speed data you need to do a full download on the vehicle unit. If you use the same digital tachograph downloading device as we do, which you can see in the picture to the left, then you need to make sure you choose the button which says “All VU” and not the one which you would normally use every 56 days which says “Latest VU”. Click on the picture to see the product and a larger image.

Once you have the file you then need to get it analysed by a bureau who have the skills and software to carry out forensic analysis on vehicle files.

Remember it is 24 hours of driving time so you may still be able to get the data for a specific time 3 days ago as long as the vehicle has not done more that 24 hours of driving since the event.

If you need any help doing this just call (0191) 491 5032       REMEMBER you need to act fast to get the data.

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