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HGV levy raises £44m from foreign trucks

HGV Levy collects more than twice the projected funds

One year on and the HGV levy on non UK vehicles using our roads has been a huge success. The levy which was introduced in April 2014 was expected to generate £20 million from all foreign HGV’s weighing more than 12 tonnes.

Either someone was being very conservative in the estimated numbers of foreign trucks on our roads or they got it very wrong indeed. The actual amount generated by the HGV levy was £44 million which came from hauliers registered in over 90 different countries purchasing 1.8 million levies.

The levies start at £1.70 per day and increase to £10 per day depending on the size of the vehicle. Foreign hauliers who drive in the UK on a regular basis can also buy an annual levy for £1000.

Polish haulage companies account for over a quarter of all levies purchased, with Romanian hauliers not too far behind with 12% and Spanish hauliers accounting for 8%. There are still plenty slipping through the net and anyone caught not purchasing a levy is subject to a £300 roadside fine. So far in the past 12 months the enforcement agencies have issued 2,500 fixed penalty notices and collected over £750,000 for non payment of levies.


Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said “The HGV levy is proving a huge success and it is absolutely right that all trucks using UK roads should make a contribution to the wear and tear they cause.’’

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