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FORS Fees are here

FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) was designed to be a safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and economical operations scheme offering accreditation to UK based hauliers.

Developed by TfL (Transport for London) in 2008, FORS was fully subsidised and therefore it was free for operators to join the scheme and have the initial audit required to gain accreditation. However in the past two years the scheme has grown significantly and the standards have developed to ensure the scheme delivers exactly what it set out to do.

Many companies already bring in external consultants at a cost to ensure they are fully compliant with the FORS standards before registering with the scheme however now there will be additional fees to pay both initially and each year going forward.

How much does FORS cost?

The fees for the membership scale up with the size of the business however the audit fees have only 2 bands. An owner operator can expect annual fees of £60 and an audit fee of £420 whereas a company with between 26 and 50 vehicles will be paying £900 and an audit fee of £450 per operating centre.

Those seeking silver and gold accreditation will also additional fees of £235 for “An Annual Evidencing Check”. The Fee structure does begin to get a little complex so there is a handy guide on their website to show you how to work out your FORS fee.

To see the latest prices visit the FORS website


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