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Transport Manager Refresher

Transport Manager Refresher

The Transport Manager Refresher covers the key duties of the transport manager. While some operators are content to rest on their lifetime TM license, more and more are viewing this as not enough. Operators who wish to maintain the highest standards take it upon themselves to continually renew their knowledge of law, technology and best practice. Doing so helps to ensure they’re running their fleet at its peak.
“A large number of operators appearing at public inquiry are still ignorant of exactly what is required of a transport manager”Richard Turfitt, Senior Traffic Commissioner.

Transport Manager Refresher – what do I get out of it?

Well, if you are:
  1. a CPC holder on a standard operator licence, or
  2. a nominated TM on a restricted licence,

then this Refresher is for you. As we all know, laws change all the time. Because of this, it’s vital for transport managers to update their knowledge on a regular basis; both to protect their standing and to uphold the conditions of their licence.

Looking to become a transport manager? Then check out our Operator CPC dates.


26 Jan 2018


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£180 inc VAT & Certificate

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