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Earned Recognition Pilot Update: Change Ahead for Operators

the earned recognition pilot update is good news for hauliers involved in the scheme

DVSA’s announced a change to its pilot scheme – and it’s good news for the operators involved.



From 31st January 2018, vehicles run by firms taking part in the trial will no longer suffer routine stoppages.


Because the scheme’s kept its list of operators confidential, enforcement agents are unable to identify whether a vehicle belongs to a company involved. Essentially, this means that a lorry that’s run by an operator enrolled in the pilot is targeted in the same manner as a lorry that’s not.


By February this will have changed, however.

handshake suggesting earned recognition pilot update will reap mutual benefits for operators and DVSA
Mutual Regard: Operators involved in the pilot will soon be recognized for their excellence by enforcement agents


Earned Recognition Pilot Update – Increased Benefits


The main benefit of Earned Recognition, as touted by Chartwise among others, for Exemplar operators is the enormous convenience of being left alone by DVSA (unless their vehicle is in obvious disrepair). Operators in the pilot stage, then, will soon experience a fuller dose of the reality of life under Earned Recognition.


On January 31st, the list of firms taking part in the trial will be published on the government’s website.


For those considering signing up to the pilot, the deadline for applications is 28th February. All operators involved will be enrolled in the scheme automatically upon its implementation. Earned Recognition’s expected to come out of the pilot stage and onto Britain’s roads sometime in April 2018.

What does Earned Recognition really mean for you?

Want to know exactly what you will have to do to comply with the standards of Earned Recognition? Discover what’s involved and how you currently stack up against the standards give our compliance team a call for a free no obligation chat.


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