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DVSA looking at earned recognition scheme

The DVSA have revealed plans for a recognition scheme for all operators

Sound familiar?

Well it should, the DVSA announced this week that it is currently looking at the potential of “An Earned Recognition Process” for operators. In a statement to Commercial Motor a spokesperson also said that the DVSA were in regular talks with industry representatives including TfL (Transport for London) who as you should know by now already have the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS).


Transport for London pitch FORS as the solution

FORS has been established now for over 6 years and has evolved in that time to become a very comprehensive over-arching scheme covering safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and economical operations.

The current success of FORS has come from a significant investment both financial and HR since the scheme was first launched in 2008 so it makes sense that the DVSA could simply adopt FORS as the standard. However many of the operators we have spoken to this week feel that it would be unfair of the DVSA to use the FORS scheme as “An Earned Recognition Scheme” when there are significant costs involved in gaining FORS accreditation.


We would love to hear your opinions on this

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