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the earned recognition pilot update is good news for hauliers involved in the scheme

Late in March, DVSA published its annual enforcement figures.


The data taken from 2016/17 demonstrates a drop in total Drivers’ Hours Infringements from the previous year.


In 2016/17, DVSA carried out close to 90,000 checks on commercial vehicles. Among the most notable findings was that 5.3% of drivers pulled over for checks were in breach of drivers’ hours laws.

drivers' hours infringements
Roadside Enforcement: Infringement rates fell in 2016/17, but DVSA is not patting drivers on the back


That figure, which equates to 1 in 20, indicates improved vigilance among HGV drivers and operators. To illustrate this, in 2015/16, drivers’ hours infringements totalled 7.3%.



Drivers’ Hours Infringements: The Breakdown



Across the board, the rule-breakers made up:



  • 5.1% of UK-based HGV drivers, 
  • 5.9% of overseas-based HGV drivers, and
  • 9.4% of overseas-based LGV drivers.



Bus and coach drivers fared better, however. 3.7% of UK bus drivers were found to be in breach of the rules; for those driving foreign drivers the figure was 4.9%.



DVSA, however, has been largely unenthusiastic about the reduction. Commenting on the stats, agency chief Gareth Llewellyn highlighted the need for ‘tougher penalties‘.


Mr. Llewellyn said:

“The figures might be going in the right direction but, with more than one in 20 drivers checked committing an offence, they are still far too high.

“Tougher penalties will help us to take stronger action against any drivers or operators who break the law, helping make our roads safer.”


To hammer home the danger of driving in contravention of the laws, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has stated that fatigue could account for up to 20% of all crashes, and up to a quarter of serious/fatal traffic events in the UK.drivers' hours infringements and driver fatigue under the spotlight

Reinforcing this, the State’s ‘Think’ campaign published several surprising statistics. Among the most surprising: over 40% of sleep-related accidents involve HGVs.


Readers can get a more detailed scope of driver fatigue; its myths and its impact, here:


HGV Driver Fatigue

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