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Driver Qualification Card (DQC):

Is it a Requirement?

The DQC, also referred to as the CPC card, is issued to a driver upon completion of CPC training. For new drivers, this means passing Modules 2 and 4; drivers undergoing periodic CPC training will receive theirs upon their accrual of 35 hours of accredited classroom training.

Do HGV Drivers Need a Driver Qualification Card (DQC)?

The DQC is issued by the DVLA and is sent to the driver’s address. The card must be carried on the driver’s person at all times. Failure to produce the DQC upon request of an enforcement agent or police officer may lead to the driver’s facing a fixed penalty notice. 

The validity of the card is five years; within those five years, a driver must complete thirty-five hours of Driver CPC training. Many drivers, leaving it to the last minute, opt to undertake all of their training in the same week, that is, seven hours of training per day, Monday to Friday. However, due to the inconvenience of this approach, both personally to the driver and operationally to their employer, we find more and more that drivers prefer to complete one day of training per year. 

Obtaining Your DQC: The Essentials

Often we are queried why a driver has not, despite completing the required training, received their DQC; the reason, more often than not, is that their current DQC is not yet close to expiring. The DVLA, generally,  will not issue a new DQC until the expiry date of the current is near. This is to prevent the driver from having two valid cards. 

Staying Compliant with DQC Regulations

A recent change in legislation means that drivers are no longer allowed to attend the same course twice in the same five-year period. Each course, in other words, must be different. Part of the purpose of this change was to encourage drivers to engage with the material and increase their opportunities for learning and improvement. It is the driver’s responsibility to monitor their CPC status, which can be done via the official CPC platform. To register, you must provide your contact details and address; within a few days a password will be mailed to your home. You can then log in change your password, and view all of the CPC courses you have undertaken since your first DQC was issued. 

To drive heavy goods vehicles for hire or reward, you must have a valid CPC – which means, a valid DQC. 

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