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Driver CPC Consultation Results

On the 11th of December 2023 the Department for Transport announced the initial findings of their Driver CPC consultation which took place earlier in the year.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “Is Driver CPC going to be scrapped?” in the last few months and my answer has always been the same. As long as we have a need to drive goods into Europe the Driver CPC will never be scrapped. Why? because the Driver CPC is written into the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation agreement along with other international agreements which the UK government can not change without all parties agreeing to so that just isn’t going to happen.

There are however some changes coming in the next 12 months but I wouldn’t expect anything to happen before the current September 2024 deadline. So those who are holding out thinking it will be scrapped, I’m sorry to disappoint you but the results stated: “Proposed changes will have no impact on the current DCPC periodic renewal cycles of drivers“.

The Driver CPC consultation results can be read in full by visiting the DfT Consultation outcome but in summary this is what you can expect to happen.

Driver CPC Consultation Results

Driver CPC Qualifications will be split into two different qualifications

  • International Driver CPC (I-DCPC) which will remain exactly as it is right now – 35 hours of classroom training every 5 years
  • National Driver CPC (N-DCPC) which will be subject to some changes based on the decisions made following the consultation.

Below are some of the anticipated changes although nothing has been 100% confirmed at this point.

There could be 2 ways to renew a N-DCPC qualification

  • Reformed Training – This could be in the form of shorter 3.5 hour courses (instead of 7 hour) however it would require more courses but for a shorter timeframe each time. There has also been mention removing the minimum time when a course is split (previously a split course had to be a minimum of 3.5 hours for each section and both parts had to be completed within a 24 hour period).
  • Pass or Fail Periodic Test – This will be similar in format to the current theory test and will be undertaken at a DVSA Test Contractor and Theory Test Centres around the country. The test will take the format of a multiple choice computer based test and is expected to have around 50 questions covering a range of relevant topics and costing somewhere between £40 – £70. If you fail this test you will not be able to drive professionally until you resit and pass the test.

As previously mentioned nothing has been confirmed 100% yet and even when it is confirmed the changes will not affect this cycle of periodic driver CPC training so if you haven’t already booked your driver CPC training yet make sure you do before the deadline.

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