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COVID-19: D4 Medical Requirement Suspended

After weeks of uncertainty, the DVLA has announced that the D4 medical requirement will be suspended for 12 months.


Commercial drivers aged 45 and over may now forgo the need to have a driver medical to renew their driving entitlement.


This suspension is temporary, and has been given a provisional lifespan of 12 months. Drivers with preexisting medical  conditions must declare these as normal; drivers with conditions that prevent them from driving safely will not have their licences renewed.


Drivers without limiting medical conditions whose licences have expired, or are due to expire, in 2020 are able to apply for their licence renewal without having to submit a D4 medical report.


In a statement, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:


“By temporarily relaxing the requirement to provide a doctor’s medical report as part of the bus and lorry driving licence renewal process we will ensure that those who are fit to drive can continue delivering critical goods around the country and getting workers to the front line. This will also help to ensure doctors and nurses can continue their crucial efforts to fight coronavirus.”




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