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Remote Downloader

The latest development in heavy goods operator compliance; the remote downloader (RDL) sends card and vehicle data from anywhere in the UK to a designated online portal.

Remote Downloader


The RDL is a small device which can be fitted to the rear of the tachograph. In the device is a sim card, which connects to the nearest available server, and uploads the data to the cloud.

The vehicle file is downloaded every time the ignition is switched on, and the driver file is every time the driver card is inserted.

The key advantages:

  • the convenience it affords (no need to download manually);
  • greater security: the data is encrypted until it imports into the dashboard;
  • the savings on fuel/vehicle costs (the information can be downloaded from anywhere, as long as the engine is running);
  • downloads need never become overdue;
  • nowadays, the DVSA expects to see automated solutions in every operation (and increasingly frown upon what they see as 'outdated' methods);
  • same-day access to the data (which, again, is considered highly advantageous in the eyes of DVSA auditors).

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