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Fleet Operator Licence Compliance
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Solutions to guarantee your compliance with the undertakings of your licence

The highly experienced team at Chartwise have been helping fleet operators comply with the legal undertakings of their vehicle operators’ licence for over 35 years. Each operator requires different levels of support and systems to complement their operation. 

Our solution provides management reports, tracks KPIs, maintains action logs and sends alerts to ensure ongoing compliance with your legal responsibilities. In addition, a team of qualified and experienced transport managers are available to provide advice and help implement new systems into your operation.

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Fleet Operator Licence Compliance

Guaranteeing your compliance with the undertakings of your licence

For almost 40 years, Chartwise UK Ltd has been a trusted partner for fleet operators, helping them adhere to the legal undertakings of their vehicle operators’ licences. We understand that every operator has unique needs, requiring tailored support and systems to ensure full compliance. Our Operator Compliance Solutions are designed to provide comprehensive support, ensuring you stay on top of your legal responsibilities effortlessly.

Why Choose Chartwise UK Ltd?

As one of our flagship services, Operator Compliance Solutions exemplifies Chartwise UK Ltd’s commitment to excellence. Our extensive experience and dedicated team ensure that you receive the highest level of support, helping you navigate the complexities of compliance with confidence.

Features and Benefits

  • Management Reports: Gain valuable insights into your operations with detailed management reports, enabling you to make informed decisions.
  • KPI Tracking: Monitor your performance with our KPI tracking, ensuring that you meet key compliance benchmarks.
  • Action Logging: Keep an accurate record of compliance actions, facilitating transparency and accountability.
  • Compliance Maintenance: Our system helps you maintain compliance, fulfilling all your legal responsibilities with ease.
  • Alert System: Stay proactive with our alert system, which notifies you of any compliance issues before they become critical.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from the expertise of our qualified transport managers, who are always on hand to provide advice and assist in implementing new systems.

Asset Maintenance

  • 24/7 Access: Manage fleet and asset maintenance with round-the-clock access to data.
  • Scheduling: Plan and schedule maintenance events to reduce downtime.
  • Audit Trail: Maintain a full digital audit trail for all maintenance activities.

Defect Checks

  • Regular Inspections: Ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet with regular defect checks.
  • Early Issue Detection: Identify and address issues early to reduce vehicle downtime.
  • Enhanced Road Safety: Improve road safety by maintaining compliant vehicles.

Document Management

  • Efficient Communication: Electronically distribute important documents and memos.
  • Digital Interaction:Employees can interact with documents digitally, adding data and text.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduce the need for printing and storing physical documents.


  • Digital Signatures: Capture digital signatures for HR, compliance, and training documents.
  • Traceability: Ensure a traceable digital audit trail for all employee documentation.
  • Paperless Solutions: Reduce paperwork and streamline document management.

Licence Checks

  • Credential Verification: Keep drivers' credentials up-to-date and compliant.
  • Regular Monitoring: Conduct regular checks to meet legal requirements.
  • Risk Reduction: Reduce the risk of penalties and improve fleet safety.

Remote Downloader (RDL)

  • Automated Data Collection:Automatically download tachograph data from anywhere in the UK.
  • Security: Data is encrypted and securely uploaded to the cloud.
  • Efficiency: Save on fuel and vehicle costs with automated downloads.

Tachograph Analysis

  • Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis: Ensures all tachograph data is collected and thoroughly analyzed by trained analysts, not just software.
  • Custom Reporting: Provides detailed, customized reports that highlight missing mileage, repeat offenders, and other critical compliance metrics.
  • Driver Feedback and Improvement: Offers expert feedback and advice to drivers on their infringements, promoting continuous improvement and compliance.

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