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FORS Assist Service

Looking for help with FORS?

Putting systems in place to gain FORS approval is one thing but maintaining those systems over the course of the year is a whole different ball game. As a leading provider of FORS consultancy services our lead FORS consultant also conducts official bronze, silver and gold audits on behalf of FORS so we know how to keep you compliant.

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What does the FORS assist mean?

  • With the FORS Assist services you have a professional FORS consultant help you to write policies, provide system manuals and follow our proven FORS checklist to ensure you have all the required systems in place before, during and after your FORS audit.
  • During the official FORS audit your FORS consultant will be present to assist with any questions the auditor may have about your systems.
  • Following your successful FORS approval your FORS consultant will be on hand to assist with any questions or changes required as your business continues to grow and quarterly site visits will ensure your systems are up to date and compliant for your next FORS audit.

Our prices for this service are determined by the size of the fleet and the number of locations.

Join the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) today and elevate your fleet operations to new heights of excellence and compliance.

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