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Operator Audits

The Operator Compliance Audit

The traffic commissioner expects all operators to take a proactive approach to maintaining their operator licence by putting systems and procedures in place to ensure they comply with the undertakings they gave when applying for their operators licence.

Our operator compliance audit can be tailored to suit your operation with the following additional audit options which can be bolted on to our standard operator audit as required.

  • Safe loading
  • Dangerous goods
  • Agency systems
  • Health & safety
  • Training delivery
  • JAUPT compliance


The standard operator compliance audit

The standard operator audit has been designed to scrutinise your current systems, procedures and paper trail to ensure compliance in the following areas:

Vehicle Maintenance Systems: We will look at your vehicle records in detail, covering daily defect reporting procedures, periodic maintenance scheduling, MOT records, Tachograph calibration certificates and vehicle record keeping systems.

Driver Records and Procedures: We will look at your individual driver files, looking at the monitoring and storage of driver licensing, training records, infringement reports, disciplinary action and policies regarding corrective training when required.

Tachograph Records and Monitoring Systems: We will look at your tachograph records and procedures in detail, looking at the storage of tachograph records and procedures for analysis and disciplinary actions taken.

Working Time Directive & Reference Period Systems: We will look at your working time records and reference period systems ensuring complete records are being kept and procedures are in place to monitor records for compliance across the relevant reference period.


Upon completion of your audit we will prepare a detailed report of our findings, actions required and the suggested industry best practices for any areas in need of attention. This can then either be sent to the traffic commissioner if required or kept on record to demonstrate a proactive approach to compliance.


Transport Systems Audits start from £275 + VAT depending on your requirements and the size of your operation. Nationwide coverage

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