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FORS Audits

Do you want to make sure you pass your FORS Audit?

If FORS recognition would make a difference to your business then you need make sure your systems, policies and procedures are up to the required standard.

Until the February 2015 the Fleet operator recognition scheme was fully subsidised and therefore free for any operator to join. Things have now changed and there is not only an annual membership fee but also an fee for the accreditation audit. For more details on the fee structure take a look at this article we published in early February 2015.

FORS Audit failure can cost you big time

As more and more contracts and tenders make FORS a requirement it is important that you gain and maintain your FORS accreditation to stay competitive. With the current pricing structure any company that fails an audit will need to improve their systems and arrange another audit at a cost of £450 each time. In fact even if you pass an audit with some minor action points there will be a follow-up audit fee of £235 so it is vital that you get it right first time.

Our FORS Pre-Audit service covers:

Vehicles: Looking at mission critical areas such as inspection and maintenance planning, fuel and tyre usage, insurance, safe loading, vulnerable road user safety, vehicle manoeuvering and more.

Drivers: Driver’s licensing and qualifications, driver training programs, driver hours and working time regulations, tachograph analysis, driving behaviour monitoring and in-vehicle technology, driver fitness and more.

Operations: Looking at your systems for routing and scheduling loads, handling of incidents and insurance claims, record control and specialist goods such as dangerous goods, waste and abnormal loads.

Management: Working from your procedures manual we will ensure you have the relevant FORS policies in place covering all areas required including responsibilities and accountabilities, communication, responsible person, regulatory licensing, complaints systems, policy reviews and more.


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