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Missing Tachograph Data

Missing Tachograph Data: What happens when you exceed 28 days?

Missing Tachograph Data | What Happens When You Exceed 28 Days? Chartwise UK Ltd: Missing Tachograph Data It’s often asked why the legal limit for downloading your driver’s card is set at 28 days. Some believe it’s because the card holds a maximum of 28 days’ worth of data. While there are strong reasons for...
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Preventing Forklift Truck Fires: 5 Tips for Warehouse Managers

Preventing Forklift Truck Fires: 5 Tips for Warehouse Managers When high-powered electrical equipment operates in dry, confined spaces, the risk of combustion is a serious concern. Every warehouse or depot has its own protocols for reducing the risk of fires, and it’s crucial for all personnel to strictly adhere to these guidelines. Given the potential...
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Until Further Notice: D4 Medicals To Be Suspended, says MP

Following much speculation, the D4 medical requirement is to be suspended for up to a year, according to South Swindon MP Robert Buckland.   In a letter to one of his constituents, Buckland explained:   “I raised this issue with my government colleagues in the Department for Transport and their response was that ministers have...
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Public Inquiry: The Definitive Survival Guide

HOW TO PREPARE It’s perfectly normal to be a bit nervous in the runup to your hearing. But there are things you can do to help you keep a cool head. As a helping hand, here’s a shortlist of things you can do before the day to ensure things go smoothly…· Ensure that you have...
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What’s my OCRS? Why it’s still important to know your score

Since April, rumours about the OCRS have abounded. Many operators have questioned the validity of the scoring system in the culture of Earned Recognition; others have suggested the OCRS will be made void upon the implementation of the new enforcement scheme.   These, however, are misconceptions. The bottom line is: there are no plans to...
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Drivers’ Hours Responsibilities: Operators’ Update

The Traffic Commissioner has issued a reminder to operators regarding their drivers’ hours responsibilities.   In the run-up to Earned Recognition, the TC’s office brought drivers’ hours responsibilities to the attention of ‘O’ Licence holders in the UK.   As confusion around the new fixed penalty rules peaked, the TC’s office published guidance on legal...
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HGV accident fatality rates: shortage of roadside facilities is to blame, says Unite

Britain’s largest trade union, Unite, has released shocking statistics highlighting the link between high HGV accident fatality rates and a lack of roadside facilities.   As part of their campaign for more facilities on UK roads, the union published that 109 incidents involving the deaths of lorry drivers and passengers were not fully investigated.  ...
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motorists should be aware of the changes incorporating the roadworthiness directive

HGV Road User Levy: hauliers to be charged additional 20%

Recent reports have indicated that within a year, most hauliers will have to pay an additional 20% toward the HGV Road User Levy.   The announcement, made last week by Transport Minister Jesse Norman, details the planned hike. It will target over half of all UK-registered pre-Euro VI trucks.   Taken in context, 56% of...
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Apprenticeship Levy: Falling at the first hurdle?

Eight months have passed since the introduction of the so-called apprenticeship levy.   Many businesses, however, are still unsure as to what it involves, and how it might affect them.   Currently, only firms with payrolls upward of £3m have access to the funding pot into which they are paying. This, of course, has excluded...
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delays expected over christmas as the driver shortages threatens the industry

Buying a new truck? New HGV market shrinks in 2017

A downturn in lorry registrations has caused trade bodies and associations to question the health of the road haulage industry.   In a report published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), figures revealed a striking decline in new HGV registrations for 2017. In total, the market dropped by 2.6% across the whole...
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