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Driver CPC
Driver CPC Consultation Results

Driver CPC Consultation Results

Driver CPC Consultation Results On the 11th of December 2023 the Department for Transport announced the initial findings of their driver cpc consultation which took place earlier in the year. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “Is Driver CPC going to be scrapped?” in the last few months and my...
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Understanding Module 4: Do You Need to Sit it for Driver CPC?

New drivers entering the industry are often confused by the training and qualifications that are required in order to begin their career.   The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a qualification that enables large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers to drive for hire or reward in the UK. Its purpose is to ensure that...
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Driver CPC on my tablet

Important Changes to Periodic Driver CPC

**Get your full 35 hours online…at a discount.**   How commercial vehicle drivers accrue their 35 hours of periodic training is about to undergo a dramatic change.   Following a review by the EU Commission, it has been decided that the Driver CPC directive will now specify that ‘a range of different subjects should be...
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Driver CPC Courses

Breaking: 3/4 truckers have NOT completed 35 hours of Driver CPC

Alarming figures were published in a recent study into the state of driver training in the UK.     It’s been revealed that a shocking 76% of HGV drivers have not completed 35 hours of Driver CPC in the run-up to the 2019 deadline.   The research also disclosed that nearly half (49%) of lorry...
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diesel duty hike is on the cards, while a driver skills shortage threatens the future of the industry

Driver Skills Shortage: Concerns Growing in Logistics Industry

In road haulage, the driver skills shortage is a matter of increasing urgency for trade bodies and businesses.     While recent efforts to address the issue have been praised by the government, a worrying gulf between the needs of the industry, and the manpower available to resolve them, remains.   Chartwise previously reported on...
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as a fors associate chartwise can offer a unique brand of services to fleet operators

Will Brexit affect the Drivers Hours Rules and Driver CPC?

The votes are cast: the results are in Brexit it is, then. Now that the decision has been made, the UK begins the tortuous task of separating from the EU. Whether this was the right or the wrong way to go is a matter of personal belief. What is known universally, however, is that Britain...
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First-Aid Driver CPC – Get 2 qualifications in one day

New First-Aid Driver CPC Course approved We are happy to announce that we now have a Driver CPC course perfect for both HGV and PSV drivers alike. This course counts as 7 hours towards Driver CPC as well as giving all attendees a level 2 qualification in First-Aid.   This 7 hour course covers: Vulnerable...
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Drivers returning to the industry don’t have to do 35 hours of driver CPC

DVSA change the rules on Driver CPC Yesterday we received an email from JAUPT the awarding body for Driver CPC training. The email was sent by JAUPT on behalf of the DVSA and it said: Since the acquired rights deadline has passed DVSA has received requests from members of the public, who wish to return...
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Do you understand grandfather rights?

No Initial CPC? You could be driving illegally As you probably know, if you passed your HGV/PCV test before the introduction of the driver CPC training then you have grandfather or acquired rights. If not then you need to have completed your initial CPC before you can drive and this was the situation with one...
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