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Want to know more about training? You’re in the right place.

Chartwise UK are renowned for the quality and availability of their driver and operator teaching programmes. Our expanding team of trainers delivers to the highest known standard. Here, our media men give you a look into the state of CPC and ADR training around Britain.

We cover everything from national pass-rates to government-issued changes to the courses themselves.

As an OCR-accredited exam centre, we draw from a wealth of knowledge as to how the training industry works. By using this, we execute in-depth bulletins designed to guide and inform you, as well as to answer your queries.

CPC and ADR criteria gives many people headaches, and that’s before they’ve even set foot in the classroom! It is a hassle deciding which course or module you need, hence we provide content that makes the process as clear as possible. But you needn’t scratch your head over some dense CPC manual. We bring you up to speed on how exactly to go about deciding what you need, and how to book yourself on to it.

In addition, we look at how pass-rates could improve, and review ways in which the delivery and content of the courses could be made better.

Keeping you in the Driver’s Seat

Training is the bread and butter of the road transport industry. It is also the topic of some of our most frequently-asked questions.

In this section, we cover all the bases. Our team are current with all things CPC, and as such bring you first-come-first-serve updates on teaching.

Chartwise UK boast market-leading CPC and ADR teachers, all of whom work closely with our media team. As a result, we share expertise between departments, and now we can share it with you.

As well as details on upcoming courses, we provide advice as to how best to approach the modules. Some approaches are more effective than others, and we give you everything you need in order to succeed when the time comes.

Want a full 5-day CPC course? We have you covered. Want to put your TM on a refresher? We’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Want to book? Check out our full range of courses.

Still not sure? Read on to see what we’re about.

Driver CPC Consultation Results

Driver CPC Consultation Results

Driver CPC Consultation Results On the 11th of December 2023 the Department for Transport announced the initial findings of their driver cpc consultation which took place earlier in the year. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “Is Driver CPC going to be scrapped?” in the last few months and my...
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ADR Training: Who Needs It and Why?

ADR Training: Who Needs It and Why? Certain goods transported on Britain’s roads come under a higher grade of scrutiny than those carried under the banner of general haulage; because of the laws governing the carriage of dangerous (hazardous) materials, proper training is essential.Due to the consequences that may follow from the improper handling, packaging...
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Understanding Module 4: Do You Need to Sit it for Driver CPC?

New drivers entering the industry are often confused by the training and qualifications that are required in order to begin their career.   The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a qualification that enables large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers to drive for hire or reward in the UK. Its purpose is to ensure that...
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Driver CPC on my tablet

Important Changes to Periodic Driver CPC

**Get your full 35 hours online…at a discount.**   How commercial vehicle drivers accrue their 35 hours of periodic training is about to undergo a dramatic change.   Following a review by the EU Commission, it has been decided that the Driver CPC directive will now specify that ‘a range of different subjects should be...
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Driver CPC Courses

Breaking: 3/4 truckers have NOT completed 35 hours of Driver CPC

Alarming figures were published in a recent study into the state of driver training in the UK.     It’s been revealed that a shocking 76% of HGV drivers have not completed 35 hours of Driver CPC in the run-up to the 2019 deadline.   The research also disclosed that nearly half (49%) of lorry...
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applying for an operator licence

Haulage Insolvency Almost Doubles

A steep increase in the number of road haulage firms filing for insolvency has cast fresh doubt on the health of the logistics sector.     The second quarter of 2017 generated some worrying figures. Trade bodies, such as the FTA, have expressed concern over what the data indicates, and how it’ll be addressed.  ...
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the earned recognition pilot update is good news for hauliers involved in the scheme

Earned Recognition Pilot Update: Change Ahead for Operators

DVSA’s announced a change to its pilot scheme – and it’s good news for the operators involved.     From 31st January 2018, vehicles run by firms taking part in the trial will no longer suffer routine stoppages.   Because the scheme’s kept its list of operators confidential, enforcement agents are unable to identify whether...
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diesel duty hike is on the cards, while a driver skills shortage threatens the future of the industry

Driver Skills Shortage: Concerns Growing in Logistics Industry

In road haulage, the driver skills shortage is a matter of increasing urgency for trade bodies and businesses.     While recent efforts to address the issue have been praised by the government, a worrying gulf between the needs of the industry, and the manpower available to resolve them, remains.   Chartwise previously reported on...
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