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A downturn in lorry registrations has caused trade bodies and associations to question the health of the road haulage industry.   In a report published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), figures revealed a striking decline in new HGV registrations for 2017. In total, the market dropped by 2.6% across the whole...
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Drivers across the UK are been warned to watch out for text messages from scammers purporting to be from the DVLA.   The so-called DVLA scammers are targeting drivers by sending location-specific texts.   “FINAL REQUEST: ‘DVLA Swansea have been trying to contact you, Click below for more information.”     The DVLA’s since announced...
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Atop a list of all vehicles checked recently by the DVSA for fraudulent emission devices, UK-registered lorries reign supreme.   In the four-month period between August and November last year, DVSA also discovered that 1 in 12 of all vehicles, UK-based or otherwise, were fitted with emission cheat devices.   Of the 3,735 vehicles stopped,...
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delays expected over christmas as the driver shortages threatens the industry
The state of physical health among small freight firm owners in the UK requires urgent redress, according to recent figures.   One of the most troubling statistics concerned owners of small transport firms. 40% of said owners admitted to having a health scare since starting their business.   The research was conducted on behalf of...
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The Traffic Commissioners of Great Britain have urged hauliers to exercise increased vigilance in matters of compliance.   They say many operators of lorries, busses and coaches are failing to prioritise compliance, according to their latest annual report.   The TC’s office recently submitted its 2016/17 findings to the Secretary of State for Transport. Among...
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as a fors associate chartwise can offer a unique brand of services to fleet operators
It’s the first week back from the Christmas break. So we’ll kick off 2018 with something a little off-kilter.   It’s some happy news to brighten your January.   No, it’s not quite a marriage… Though it is an alliance of sorts, and a pretty special one at that.   FORS Associates – An Introduction...
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haulage insolvency is at a five-year high
A steep increase in the number of road haulage firms filing for insolvency has cast fresh doubt on the health of the logistics sector.     The second quarter of 2017 generated some worrying figures. Trade bodies, such as the FTA, have expressed concern over what the data indicates, and how it’ll be addressed.  ...
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the earned recognition pilot update is good news for hauliers involved in the scheme
DVSA’s announced a change to its pilot scheme – and it’s good news for the operators involved.     From 31st January 2018, vehicles run by firms taking part in the trial will no longer suffer routine stoppages.   Because the scheme’s kept its list of operators confidential, enforcement agents are unable to identify whether...
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diesel duty hike is on the cards, while a driver skills shortage threatens the future of the industry
In road haulage, the driver skills shortage is a matter of increasing urgency for trade bodies and businesses.     While recent efforts to address the issue have been praised by the government, a worrying gulf between the needs of the industry, and the manpower available to resolve them, remains.   Chartwise previously reported on...
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north east waste firms have been pegged for investigation
Two governmental authorities have joined forces to carry out surprise investigations into the working practices of North East waste firms.   The initiative, co-led by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was restarted this week after a previous series of inspections found multiple failings in numerous areas, particularly worker...
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