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brexit negotiations
The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has issued a warning that time is running out to get a workable plan in place in the wake of Brexit negotiations.   While the FTA, along with other trade bodies, has welcomed the news that provisional terms have been laid out, the association insists that there’s a great deal of...
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drivers' hours infringements and driver fatigue under the spotlight
Late in March, DVSA published its annual enforcement figures.   The data taken from 2016/17 demonstrates a drop in total Drivers’ Hours Infringements from the previous year.   In 2016/17, DVSA carried out close to 90,000 checks on commercial vehicles. Among the most notable findings was that 5.3% of drivers pulled over for checks were...
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hgv road user levy blues
Recent reports have indicated that within a year, most hauliers will have to pay an additional 20% toward the HGV Road User Levy.   The announcement, made last week by Transport Minister Jesse Norman, details the planned hike. It will target over half of all UK-registered pre-Euro VI trucks.   Taken in context, 56% of...
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applying for an operator licence
The DVSA has published a blog setting out a plan to make the process of applying for an operator licence entirely digital.     The blog, guest-written by the Traffic Commissioners, outlines the move as part of a greater scheme to shift all user-government transactions onto a digital platform.     This shift-over will transform...
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the earned recognition pilot update is good news for hauliers involved in the scheme
Road haulage industry leaders are registering a win as a brand new 100-vehicle secure truck stop opens in Scunthorpe.   On Woodhouse Road, opposite the British Steel Works, the Scunthorpe Truck Stop offers secure 24-hour parking facilities for HGVs.   Previously, lorry drivers in the Scunthorpe area had to make do with laybys or industrial...
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For the third year running, FORS has confirmed there will be no change to its pricing for subscription and audits.   The move’s expected to boost the appeal of the scheme to smaller operators. By building on the momentum of the decision to scrap Gold evidencing fees, FORS is proving its value to operators of...
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Driver CPC Courses
Alarming figures were published in a recent study into the state of driver training in the UK.     It’s been revealed that a shocking 76% of HGV drivers have not completed 35 hours of Driver CPC in the run-up to the 2019 deadline.   The research also disclosed that nearly half (49%) of lorry...
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Driver CPC Courses
Transport for London is facing accusations of abuse over its wielding of FORS accreditation power.   In a shocking move, the RHA has threatened legal action against the organisation, arguing that Transport for London’s (TfL’s) monopolisation of FORS authority is arresting the emergence of competitor schemes.   In particular, the association cited TfL’s contracting out...
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Eight months have passed since the introduction of the so-called apprenticeship levy.   Many businesses, however, are still unsure as to what it involves, and how it might affect them.   Currently, only firms with payrolls upward of £3m have access to the funding pot into which they are paying. This, of course, has excluded...
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A downturn in lorry registrations has caused trade bodies and associations to question the health of the road haulage industry.   In a report published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), figures revealed a striking decline in new HGV registrations for 2017. In total, the market dropped by 2.6% across the whole...
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