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Driver CPC on my tablet
**Get your full 35 hours online…at a discount.**   How commercial vehicle drivers accrue their 35 hours of periodic training is about to undergo a dramatic change.   Following a review by the EU Commission, it has been decided that the Driver CPC directive will now specify that ‘a range of different subjects should be...
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After weeks of uncertainty, the DVLA has announced that the D4 medical requirement will be suspended for 12 months.   Commercial drivers aged 45 and over may now forgo the need to have a driver medical to renew their driving entitlement.   This suspension is temporary, and has been given a provisional lifespan of 12...
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HOW TO PREPARE It’s perfectly normal to be a bit nervous in the runup to your hearing. But there are things you can do to help you keep a cool head. As a helping hand, here’s a shortlist of things you can do before the day to ensure things go smoothly…· Ensure that you have...
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Since April, rumours about the OCRS have abounded. Many operators have questioned the validity of the scoring system in the culture of Earned Recognition; others have suggested the OCRS will be made void upon the implementation of the new enforcement scheme.   These, however, are misconceptions. The bottom line is: there are no plans to...
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The Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) has issued a three-month deadline for employers of fleet drivers to ensure they are compliant with the new guidelines regarding licence-checking consent forms.   More than 2 million fleet drivers are expected to have to sign the new forms.  By giving consent, drivers allow their employers to validate...
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The Traffic Commissioner has issued a reminder to operators regarding their drivers’ hours responsibilities.   In the run-up to Earned Recognition, the TC’s office brought drivers’ hours responsibilities to the attention of ‘O’ Licence holders in the UK.   As confusion around the new fixed penalty rules peaked, the TC’s office published guidance on legal...
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Following a rise in the reported number of objects falling from vehicles, Highways England has issued a notice to motorists: secure your load.   In an effort to help curb the surge in incidents involving insecure loads, the agency has launched a campaign encouraging drivers to take steps to ensure loads are correctly secured.  ...
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Britain’s largest trade union, Unite, has released shocking statistics highlighting the link between high HGV accident fatality rates and a lack of roadside facilities.   As part of their campaign for more facilities on UK roads, the union published that 109 incidents involving the deaths of lorry drivers and passengers were not fully investigated.  ...
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The DVSA’s made changes to the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.   By doing so, the agency hopes that it has made some of the more complex areas of the guide clearer to operators.   The changes, as published in the Moving On blog, involve the following sections.       The Inspection Safety Graph Because...
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