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Tachograph Updates & Advice
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Drivers’ Hours Legislation: New Updates

How many do you carry? Record books are now a requirement for many more CV drivers.    As many of our readers will know, on 20th August 2020, changes to drivers’ hours legislation were enacted. Absorbing new legislative changes into day-to-day fleet management can be an onerous endeavour. With this in mind, we’ve broken down...
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Drivers’ Hours Responsibilities: Operators’ Update

The Traffic Commissioner has issued a reminder to operators regarding their drivers’ hours responsibilities.   In the run-up to Earned Recognition, the TC’s office brought drivers’ hours responsibilities to the attention of ‘O’ Licence holders in the UK.   As confusion around the new fixed penalty rules peaked, the TC’s office published guidance on legal...
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the earned recognition pilot update is good news for hauliers involved in the scheme

DVSA Stats Show Drop in Drivers’ Hours Infringements

Late in March, DVSA published its annual enforcement figures.   The data taken from 2016/17 demonstrates a drop in total Drivers’ Hours Infringements from the previous year.   In 2016/17, DVSA carried out close to 90,000 checks on commercial vehicles. Among the most notable findings was that 5.3% of drivers pulled over for checks were...
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Emission Cheat Devices: British HGVs top the list for fraud

Atop a list of all vehicles checked recently by the DVSA for fraudulent emission devices, UK-registered lorries reign supreme.   In the four-month period between August and November last year, DVSA also discovered that 1 in 12 of all vehicles, UK-based or otherwise, were fitted with emission cheat devices.   Of the 3,735 vehicles stopped,...
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diesel duty hike is on the cards, while a driver skills shortage threatens the future of the industry

Manipulated Tachographs on the Rise

Last year over 440 lorries entered the UK with manipulated tachographs, the Driver Vehicle & Standards Agency (DVSA) has claimed.   A further 400 drivers were believed to be breaking the law, many potentially using ‘interrupters’ to switch off their devices. By using interrupters, a driver can drive while appearing to be on a break....
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Can you take a break in a moving vehicle

Double Manning breaks After a recently run Driver CPC course 4 candidates asked me the same question, so I assume DVSA may be targeting this topic. People are asking if you are allowed to take a break while having your card in the 2nd man slot, and the first man is driving. The answer is...
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How to prove your speed to the exact second

Get exact speed reports from a digital tachograph This comes up time and time again so I thought I would let you know about it just in case you ever need to prove your speed to the exact second. As a tachograph analysis bureau we are always getting people asking for forensic analysis for some...
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Do you know your responsibilities when it comes to tachographs?

Do you know what you are doing when it comes to tachographs? One of the most common questions we get from drivers relates to the rules regarding tachographs and what drivers need to do to stay compliant with the tachograph rules. I have listed some of the drivers responsibilities below and split these into Analogue...
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How to change the time on a digital tachograph

Here is a quick demonstration video that shows you how to change the time on a digital tachograph   I hope you have found this useful and if you have any questions about this video or other functions on your digital tachograph please get in touch.
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Digital Tachograph Card

How to apply for a digital tacho card   If you are a professional HGV or PSV driver there is a good chance that you will already be using a vehicle fitted with a digital tacho unit. If you have not yet driven a digital vehicle it is highly advisable that you have a digital...
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