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FORS is a major player in UK road transport. A TM who is clued-up on FORS news, therefore, has a clear advantage over rival fleets.

Our media team knows the value of innovation. Furthermore, it understands the importance of foreseeing and preparing for the future. From standards to audits, we cover every update under the FORS banner.

Keeping you Right

While FORS membership increases in popularity, more fleets are bringing their systems in line with its standard. As a result, FORS requirements are becoming more widespread. Competition between fleets is likewise on the rise.

As FORS associates, we give you an insider’s view. We provide first-hand news of changes within the FORS model. We’ll also look into statistics of new memberships across the UK, thereby giving you first look at the competition.

Through this, you’ll be more able to keep track of the direction in which the industry is going.


FORS Fees: Frozen for a Third Year

For the third year running, FORS has confirmed there will be no change to its pricing for subscription and audits.   The move’s expected to boost the appeal of the scheme to smaller operators. By building on the momentum of the decision to scrap Gold evidencing fees, FORS is proving its value to operators of...
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as a fors associate chartwise can offer a unique brand of services to fleet operators

FORS & Chartwise: Have You Heard the News?

It’s the first week back from the Christmas break. So we’ll kick off 2018 with something a little off-kilter.   It’s some happy news to brighten your January.   No, it’s not quite a marriage… Though it is an alliance of sorts, and a pretty special one at that.   FORS Associates – An Introduction...
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motorists should be aware of the changes incorporating the roadworthiness directive

FORS Update: Fee Scrapped for Smaller Operators

There’s good news for small operators: the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme has announced changes to its policy surrounding the £235 evidencing fee currently required for FORS Gold accreditation.   In the same announcement FORS made it clear that, for Gold-accredited members, it will reduce the mandatory period for Bronze re-approval audits from 3 years to 2....
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DVSA looking at earned recognition scheme

The DVSA have revealed plans for a recognition scheme for all operators Sound familiar? Well it should, the DVSA announced this week that it is currently looking at the potential of “An Earned Recognition Process” for operators. In a statement to Commercial Motor a spokesperson also said that the DVSA were in regular talks with...
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FORS fees are coming this month

FORS Fees are here FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) was designed to be a safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and economical operations scheme offering accreditation to UK based hauliers. Developed by TfL (Transport for London) in 2008, FORS was fully subsidised and therefore it was free for operators to join the scheme and have the...
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