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Brexit – The EU & Road Haulage

Throughout all sectors of UK commerce Brexit is making waves; and road haulage is not secure from the great shifts ahead.

As the hottest item in the news today, Brexit demands the attention of everyone in road transport; in particular the operators who are in charge of keeping a fleet flexible in the face of coming changes to law and best practice.

Staying Afloat

Any driver or TM knows that EU road haulage regulations are a pain in the neck to deal with. That’s why it’s crucial to keep abreast of any plans that could make those regulations simpler or more difficult to understand.

The war of words is being waged behind closed doors; and the people most affected are the last to know. Chartwise UK aims to ease this situation, and keep you up-to-speed on this groundbreaking flux.

Thus, our media team brings you the latest relevant updates on the Brexit battle.

Parking in Kent: Council’s powers to clamp withdrawn

The Department for Transport has decided to rescind the powers granted Kent County Council in relation to the clamping of heavy goods vehicles parked in the county’s laybys.    This has come as welcome news to many in the haulage industry, including Logistics UK, which earlier in the year wrote a letter to the Transport...
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Driver Shortage: Action required to tackle the deficit

A good deal has been said of late in respect of the growing skills gap in the road haulage industry; though for the past three years or more the matter has weighed heavily on the minds of many in our sector, recent findings have revealed that the situation is deteriorating rapidly. In its latest report,...
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Tick Tock: FTA urges Govt. to speed up Brexit negotiations

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has issued a warning that time is running out to get a workable plan in place in the wake of Brexit negotiations.   While the FTA, along with other trade bodies, has welcomed the news that provisional terms have been laid out, the association insists that there’s a great deal of...
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Christmas in Limbo? Gates Closed to EU Workers

According to a leaked Home Office document, the majority of EU workers will be prevented from entering the UK directly after Brexit.   The document, which proposes an immediate end to the free movement of labour, has been slammed by the Freight Transport Association (FTA).   UK logistics hinges on the availability of foreign drivers...
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