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Will Brexit affect the Drivers Hours Rules and Driver CPC?

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The votes are cast: the results are in

Brexit it is, then. Now that the decision has been made, the UK begins the tortuous task of separating from the EU. Whether this was the right or the wrong way to go is a matter of personal belief. What is known universally, however, is that Britain must marshal its famous stiff upper lip, and focus on building an independent future.

In the lead up to the referendum, many of our clients; from compliance recipients to individual drivers, called our support lines with two common questions:

  1. Will BREXIT replace EU Drivers Hours Rules with UK Domestic Regulations?

  2. Will the government scrap the Driver CPC now?

According to experts, severance from the EU will take at least two years. It’s likely, of course, to take much longer. Because the UK is obliged to obey EU treaties during the course of the separation, we predict that the answer to both questions will be an emphatic “No“.

Though the current legislation concerning operators and drivers comes from EU laws, the British state is unlikely to focus its immediate attention on the transport sector. The primary goal for road haulage will revolve around the renegotiation of trade deals. In doing so, ensuring that trading barriers are kept to a minimum.

In reality, we traded with Europe long before the EU was spawned, and will continue to trade with Europe going forward. It would therefore make sense to keep our drivers’ hours rules aligned with the European standard.

Ever since the Driver CPC was implemented in law, campaigns to reform it have been widespread. Currently, the Driver CPC qualification is required in two instances:

  • If you work for a transport company registered in an EU country, or
  • If you are a citizen of an EU country and will be driving in the EU.

This suggests that once Britain leaves the EU, for many drivers the qualification may be dropped.

However, there’d need to be a very strong case to eliminate the qualification completely. Thus, we expect the qualification to undergo nothing more than minor reform.

Driver CPC isn’t going away. It remains, in spite of it all, a valued and necessary qualification for success on the road. Find out what you can get out of Driver CPC.

We will keep you informed of updates to law and best practice. How do you think Brexit will affect road transport? Leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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