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How technology is transforming driver defect checks

How technology is transforming driver defect checks | Chartwise UK Ltd Once upon a time, a driver noted down every fault he found in a defect report book; if there was anything to record during his daily walkaround check, he would do so, hand the piece of paper to the transport manager, and keep a...
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Driver Qualification Card (DQC): Do I need it?

Driver Qualification Card (DQC): Do I need it? The DQC, also referred to as the CPC card, is issued to a driver upon completion of CPC training. For new drivers, this means passing Modules 2 and 4; drivers undergoing periodic CPC training will receive theirs upon their accrual of 35 hours of accredited classroom training....
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‘Trigger Offences’: What are they?

‘Trigger Offences’: What are they? Although there are numerous offences of various gradation that a driver and, by extension, a Transport Manager must make every effort to avoid, there are some, known as the ‘Big 5’, which if committed will essentially provide a ’trigger’ for enforcement agents to take punitive action. Driving without appropriate documentation...
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Your OCRS: What it is and how to monitor it

Your OCRS: What it is and how to monitor it Even business owners who have held an operators’ licence for several years are unaware of just how important the OCRS is to their company. The Operator Compliance Risk Score is a system used by the DVSA to monitor an operator’s past and current levels of...
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Bridge Strikes in the UK: Understanding the Issue and Promoting Safety

Bridge strikes are a prevalent problem in the United Kingdom, posing risks to road users, causing significant disruptions, and resulting in costly damages. These incidents occur when vehicles, typically large trucks or buses, collide with low bridges, often due to inadequate clearance or driver error. In this blog post, we will delve into the issue...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Driver CPC in the UK

In the United Kingdom, professional drivers are required to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to ensure they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to operate commercial vehicles safely and efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or considering a career in the transportation industry, understanding the Driver CPC is essential. In this blog...
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