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Applying for an operator licence? The future is digital, says TC

applying for an operator licence

The DVSA has published a blog setting out a plan to make the process of applying for an operator licence entirely digital.



The blog, guest-written by the Traffic Commissioners, outlines the move as part of a greater scheme to shift all user-government transactions onto a digital platform.



This shift-over will transform the way applications are made and processed. Whereas the current paper-based system has been known to confuse would-be operators, the new method’s expected to simplify applications.



Currently, the system is half-paper, half-digital. Historically, this has caused some complaints from applicants who have began the process online, and then had to download and print the form.

Applying for an operator licence
Applying for an operator licence? Forget the paperwork, TC says


The push toward digital began in 2016, when the DVSA introduced the the Vehicle Operator Licencing (VOL) service. The blog outlines the advantages of using the VOL platform. For one, the service makes adding vehicles to your o-licence less complicated.



Despite this, paper applications are still preferred among a large section of operators. This is due, the TC suggests, to road freight sector heads recommending paper as the go-to method.



Applying for an Operator Licence – The Future



From 1st April 2018, paper forms will be made null and void. After this date, applying for an operator licence will carried out entirely online.



Despite the intended simplification, we predict the service will remain a challenge for some operators. After all, they have a million other things on their mind. That’s why we recommend operators look into alternative modes of ensuring your operator licence goes through without incident. While the TC stresses that technical support will be available, such an avenue is not ideal for anyone for whom time is a pressing concern.



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