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    Truckers Organiser

    Truckers Organiser  

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  • WTD Weekly report pad

    Drivers working time directive weekly report book. 50 duplicate pages with all activity categories and vehicle mileage record.

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  • Vehicle Maintenance Planner

    Large wall chart for planning the maintenance and inspection of over 30 vehicles for a period of 13 months

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  • Driver log book

    Drivers Record Book

    Record Book for Drivers in Road Transport - Contains 15 weeks of duplicated record sheets. This book should be used by any professional driver not using a tachograph to record driving hours and breaks. It is also good practice for drivers of vehicles with tachographs fitted to keep this book on their person in case of a fault with the tachograph unit. Discount available for orders over 50 and 100 books.

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  • Drivers timer

    Big Timer

    Digital timer with 4 memory settings. Never go over your 4.5 hours again.

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  • Vehicle defect report book

    50 Page Defect Report Book (HGV and PSV)

    Defect Books - Driver's daily checks for goods vehicles with additional space for recording defects and rectification. 50 sets per book in duplicate

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